Entrepreneur Spotlight: Le Bleu Enterprises, The Carolinas Leading Supplier of High-Quality Bottled Water

Who Is Le Bleu Enterprises?

If you live or work in North or South Carolina, chances are you have interacted with Le Bleu Enterprises. This is because they are the leading bottled water supplier for both homes and offices throughout 34 Carolina counties. For over 15 years, Le Bleu Enterprises has focused on one basic, important thing: a commitment to delivering fresh, clean water to its customers. Their journey towards reaching this goal begins at the state-of-the-art water purification facility located in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is where water from municipal sources is run through their rigorous filtration and ozonation process to remove any impurities.

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What makes Le Bleu Enterprises Unique From The Competition?

If you visit the local grocery store, you will see no shortage of water suppliers. From big-name brands like Poland Spring to newer or smaller companies you may not be familiar with, they are all trying to sell you water. However, not all bottled water is created equal. Le Bleu Enterprises has been a leader for so long because of its commitment to supplying only the purest, healthiest, and best-tasting bottled water. There is a reason why their water is called “extra pure”, and it also won “BEST Non-Alcoholic Beverage in the Western Hemisphere” at the International Food and Beverage Trade Show in Miami, Florida.

A Deep Understanding of Water

It’s not likely you spend much time thinking about your water. You may even assume that all water, including tap, is safe to drink. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are an astounding 190 contaminants found in U.S. drinking water that have been known to cause adverse health effects. Lucky for you, you never have to worry about that when drinking water supplied by Le Bleu. This is because they have worked incredibly hard to gain a deep understanding of water, including where it comes from, what impurities and contaminants can be found in it, and the steps needed to make it clean and pure.

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High-Quality Water For High-Quality Clients

Le Bleu Enterprises’ Carolina connections go deeper than just serving 34 counties throughout both states. They have been supplying bottled water to several industry-leading companies for years. Their list of impressive clientele includes multi-national corporations such as Sealy, FedEx, EdwardJones, Proctor and Gamble, Georgia Pacific, Kimberly Clark, and John Deere. The fact that they have been able to retain these types of clients speaks to the impressive quality of the water and services they deliver, day in and day out.

They Also Make House Calls

While corporate clients are a key component of their business, they are equally passionate about their residential customers as well. For over a decade, families throughout the Carolinas have been enjoying Le Bleu’s clean and healthy water in their homes. A quick visit to their customer testimonials page shows a plethora of satisfied aficionados. Their compliments and praise range from outstanding customer service, high-quality water, and a promise never to switch to another brand of water. It’s clear Le Bleu is delivering the type of water and service people want and need in their daily lives.

How To Learn More About Le Bleu Enterprises

As Le Bleu looks to the future, they are committed to expanding their commercial and residential business throughout the Carolinas. So if your home or office is ready to commit to better health by upgrading your water quality, please feel free to contact them via their website or by calling 1-888-LE-BLEU1. We are proud to sponsor Le Bleu Enterprises this month and look forward to their continued success and growth.