About Southeast Entrepreneur


Who are we? Our name captures the heart of our business. We are entrepreneurs who are proud to be from the Southeastern United States. We have learned a great deal through our experiences about what it takes to build a successful business from nothing. We believe that by showcasing unique entrepreneur stories, we can encourage future businessmen and women to take up the helm of entrepreneurship and increase the likelihood that they will be successful. It also helps us to attract potential new clients.

We have one goal at Southeast Entrepreneur. We want to spotlight entrepreneurs and businesses that symbolize the entrepreneurial spirit and have shown a dedicated commitment to building a successful, sustainable business. We showcase clients from a diversity of backgrounds. These include food and beverage, beauty, real estate, sports, and the outdoors.


Our mission is to create a space to spotlight entrepreneurs, inspire potential entrepreneurs, and provide resources for business owners to help grow their businesses. If you have a business or know an entrepreneur you would like to nominate to be featured in a future Entrepreneur Spotlight, please use the contact form to email us. Tell us why you feel they deserve to be featured. 

We invite you to read through the Entrepreneur Spotlights. Become inspired and motivated to begin an exciting new chapter in your journey to becoming a business owner. 

In addition to the spotlight articles and entrepreneur insights to help entrepreneurs throughout the Southeast, we created a website to showcase up and coming, as well as established small businesses and entrepreneurs. We have a large index of resources that can be helpful with growing your small business. Some of these resources include a few of the following:

  • NC Business Directory
  • The Council for Entrepreneurial Development
  • The Small Business and Technology Development Center
  • The Small Business Center Network
  • The Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship 

Advertise with us and take your business goals to the next level! Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.