Open Oven Brunch and Bakery in Black Mountain, NC | Stephanie & Steven Paulson

Stephanie and Steven Paulson moved to North Carolina from Wisconsin more than a decade ago and spent years developing a signature menu on wheels. The happily married co-owners have built an incredible culinary enterprise that continues to grow each year. Complete with food trucks and a recently opened brick-and-mortar spot, the two are taking over the brunch scene with style.

The Paulson’s 2019 Expansion in Black Mountain

Open Oven Brunch And Bakery Owners

After nearly a decade in the food truck industry, Stephanie and Steven Paulson decided to expand into the restaurant territory by opening Open Oven Brunch and Bakery in 2019. The cafe joins their increasingly-popular Melt Your Heart food trucks which continue to travel around Asheville.

The couple, along with their two children, live nearby the quaint and cozy shopfront on Church Street in Black Mountain, just a few miles outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

Open Oven Brunch and Bakery now leases the same property that Black Mountain Bakery used to occupy. The space has since been renovated, featuring both indoor and outdoor seating, and boasting both dine-in and counter bakery options.

Overcoming Real Estate Obstacles in Asheville, North Carolina

Despite Stephanie and Steven’s outstanding success with the Melt Your Heart enterprise, the couple faced challenges finding available real estate to lease in Asheville, NC before the 2019 launch.

After searching for available spaces with no luck, Stephanie and Steven soon set their hearts on Black Mountain, roughly 15 miles outside of Asheville. The couple enjoyed the “sense of community” in Black Mountain and ultimately decided to call it home — and the new location for their shopfront.

The Paulson’s goal was to open a restaurant and bakery in the Black Mountain area. Stephanie and Steven hoped it would then develop into the local favorite spot for community and every-day meet-ups.

With countless glowing reviews and an impressive menu to match, Open Oven Brunch and Bakery is now a Black Mountain staple and the Paulson’s goal has been accomplished.

Open Oven Brunch and Bakery’s Signature Brand

The Paulson family has clearly invested time and thought into their branding and eatery offerings. With delicate pastries, brunch and breakfast classics, as well as proven food truck favorites, Open Oven Brunch and Bakery is the place to be.

Customers are welcome to dine-in or order bakery treats to-go. Conveniently located on Church Street and across from a public parking lot, Open Oven Brunch and Bakery continues to be a breakfast-force to be reckoned with.
Connect with Stephanie and Steven Paulson, and read their outstanding reviews, through Open Oven’s Facebook. Be sure to visit their menu online and check their social media frequently for eatery updates.



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