Patricia Wallwork | Milos Tea

The Tea Company That’s Making A Difference

Tricia Wallwork

Patricia Wallwork is the award-winning CEO of Milo’s Tea, a family-owned business that specializes in high-quality, fresh lemonade and tea products. With plant locations in several states, Wallwork is leading the company through several expansions while continuing a mission that benefits employees, customers, and communities along the way.

Quality Passed Down From Generation To Generation

What began as a family-run burger joint in 1946 has since grown into an ever-expanding enterprise. Milo’s got its humble start as a hamburger shop more than seven decades ago. Milo and Bea Carlton, Patricia Wallwork’s grandparents started franchising in the early 1980s.

Just a few years later, the family noticed one important thing: customers were visiting the restaurant for the fresh brewed tea with natural ingredients. They began manufacturing their lemonade and tea products and distributing them to grocery stores. This effort was so successful, they decided to shut down the burger storefronts in the early 2000s and open their very first production plant in Bessemer, Alabama.

From A Family-Built Enterprise To A Certified Women-Owned Business

After Milo’s Tea opened their plant, Patricia Wallwork (now CEO) began getting to know the business inside and out, from the bottom all the way to the top for nearly a decade.

Wallwork’s experience paid off as she eventually took over the company,  successfully doubling its workforce over the last few years to match product demand. Since then, Wallwork has led the company through several expansions throughout the USA, including Tulsa, Oklahoma and Homewood, Alabama. Milo’s Tea has products in nearly every state in the U.S. with a total of  over 13,000 retail locations.

Milo’s Tea Puts As Much Into Its Workforce And Community As It Does Its Products

Focused on transparency and high-quality ingredients, Milo’s Tea also dedicates itself to giving back to the community, its employees, and the environment.

Because the company recycles over 96% of its manufacturing waste, Milo’s is a Certified Zero Waste Manufacturer. They also partner with national and local water conservationists to improve their water efficiency and promote water conservation.

Milo’s Tea remains an advocate for workplace diversity and equal opportunity, and they continue the “Milo’s Makes a Difference” campaign, which includes a 1% Profit Pledge. Milo’s donates funds, volunteer time, and products nationwide in an effort to support education, women, and families in the U.S.

Learn more about Milo’s Tea and its CEO Patricia Wallwork on their website. You can also engage with them online by following them on Facebook and Instagram.