RoadRUNNER magazine

RoadRUNNER Magazine

An Austrian-Made, Triad-Grown Motorcycle Touring Publication

With an endless well of information about national and international motorcycle tours, RoadRUNNER magazine has managed to become one of the top niche publications in the United States, and more broadly in North Carolina. Complete with product reviews, new motorcycle analyses, and picturesque rides, RoadRUNNER has established itself as the magazine for motorcycle touring aficionados that’s here to stay.

RoadRUNNER’s Austrian Roots & 00’s Beginning

RoadRUNNER Magazine was co-founded by professional photographers Christian and Christa Neuhauser, who moved to North Carolina in 1999. They decided to relocate from their native Austria with their two sons after spending weeks travelling throughout the United States, taking in the atmosphere and excitement associated with motorcycle tours, culture and lifestyle. The relocation made perfect sense for the family and its new-found love for motorcycling.

Using motorcycles as a primary mode of transportation, the Neuhausers continued to spend even more time on the road, on tours, and discovering new places. Christian Neuhauser would spend countless hours and days at a time, pouring over motorcycle touring routes to explore new areas that would be ideal for rides.

Very sadly, Christian passed away in 2005 in a tragic accident, just a few years after the publication got its start. Christa Neuhauser now runs RoadRUNNER as the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief with the help of their two sons, Manuel and Florian, and a team of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. Her son Manuel is a Technology Consultant for the magazine, while Florian serves as a Contributing Editor and assists in the publication's Marketing efforts.

Christa and the rest of the  RoadRUNNER team now organizes and sponsors annual vacation motorcycle tours. The renowned Touring Weekend was created  in memory of her late husband and magazine co-founder Christian.  This popular celebration is an open-invitation event for all motorcycle lovers who can attend.

What began as a family endeavor in 2001, when its first issue was published, has grown into a national and international success. RoadRUNNER brings together motorcycle enthusiasts, adventurers, and more into a cohesive bi-monthly package for its readers. You can find their headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the motorcycle magazine has become a staple of the southeast.

RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel: Each Issue Brimming With Excitement

As of 2014, RoadRUNNER is the largest motorcycle touring magazine in North America. This may be because Christa Neuhauser’s publication is the only one to include both GPS files and tankbag maps for motorcyclists. Their “signature tear-out card-stock maps” is one of the primary reasons RoadRUNNER has earned so many readers. Because of the ingenuity, thoroughness, and dedication to touring, the magazine is beloved by many and immediately torn through a half-dozen times per year by its readers.

Each issue of RoadRUNNER is jam-packed with information, reviews, and all-things motorcycling. Christa Neuhauser and her team invest time into ensuring every publication covers the United States, Canada, and other international destinations that are ideal for touring. They also include articles sharing the latest industry news, product releases, and information about related interests such as scooters or vintage rides. RoadRUNNER releases Shamrock Tours® with each bi-monthly issue as well. They map out tours with four different loops from a singular location, or home base. This was developed by RoadRUNNER and remains a unique signature of the brand.

The Neuhauser family has built an incredible touring resource for motorcycle enthusiasts across North America and the world. With several decades of riding experience, Christa Neuhauser continues to lead the magazine towards even greater success with branded items that are specific to RoadRUNNER magazine. Without her leadership, ingenuity and foresight, it would be hard to imagine that the magazine would be enjoying the incredible success that her efforts have brought forth.

To read more about Christa, her sons, and the magazine, visit RoadRUNNER’S website. You can also check them out on social media (Facebook & Twitter) to connect online. Subscribe to RoadRUNNER today for bi-monthly issues packed with anything and everything a touring motorcyclist could ever want or imagine.

Liz Jansen