Entrepreneur Spotlight: The Lonely Entrepreneur

Michael Dermer

As an entrepreneur looking for sound business advice, you should be wary of who is giving you that advice. It pays to know about the source of any kind of business advice or coaching, and the team at The Lonely Entrepreneur could not be more proud of their CEO, Michael Dermer. Michael’s unique history of career experience and education have created the foundation for his success in founding and leading The Lonely Entrepreneur to the success it has experienced in the following years since its founding. 

Michael is not afraid of taking a risk in order to achieve success. From his career as an attorney at a renowned law firm, he left the firm to start a groundbreaking healthcare business that competitors called a failure from launch. Not only did he prove them wrong, but he was also able to carry that business for ten years until the 2008 financial crash. Despite a sudden and unprecedented setback, Michael was undeterred and went on to pull that business from the brink of disaster; he sold his business, is still seen as a pioneer in that field to this day, and founded his current business, The Lonely Entrepreneur.


How Our Business Benefits From Our CEO


Many people claim to have what it takes to give reliable or trustworthy business advice, and many of them even go as far as trying to sell their advice to others. What sets us apart from other business coaches is that we do have the experience of founding, building, operating, saving and selling our own successful company. After more than ten years of overcoming some of the biggest obstacles in his field, with more than 500 employees depending on him, Michael has turned that unique experience into a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs in any stage of their business ventures. 

Through Michael’s guidance, we do everything we can for our clients, from welcoming them into a vast network of peers, hundreds of learning modules and his book to benefit from to showing them how to apply Michael’s lessons to their own experiences. Michael believes that everyone is a genius, including his clients. He finds genius in his entrepreneur clients and helps them grow into their full potential to reach their business goals.

Learn How Micheal And The Lonely Entrepreneur Can Help You


Michael’s mission in his work at The Lonely Entrepreneur is to unlock the potential of entrepreneurs around the world by igniting the passion within them to achieve the success they are truly capable of. If you are ready to benefit from his unique understanding of being a business pioneer, coming back from nearly losing everything, and taking necessary risks to earn the future you deserve, contact us today.

The first step in being successful in whatever business goals you may have is actually taking that first step. You can take that first step right now by contacting us online and reaching out to a committed team built by someone who knows what it takes to reach their full potential.