Gary Pace and His Path to Founding Cell Microsystems

Meet Life Science Pioneer Gary Pace


They say you can learn a lot about a company based on who is leading it. If this is true, then you can rest assured that Cell Microsystems is an intelligent, reliable and cutting-edge company. Cell Microsystems leads the way in many different scientific fields, including stem cells, clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR), Genomics, and Organoids. The company has been able to produce such high-quality tools and groundbreaking papers and publications thanks in part to the leadership and guidance of its CEO, Gary Pace.


Gary Pace's Long History Of Success


In addition to being the company's CEO, Gary also holds a PhD and J.D. from North Carolina State University and North Carolina Central University, respectively. Gary has been able to utilize more than two decades of legal experience as a registered patent attorney and apply the skills he acquired of meticulous attention to detail and unwavering work ethic to his many positions in executive management. One of the many notable achievements of his legal history includes a success record of more than 40 issued U.S. patents. He has also assisted many life science businesses by offering strategic guidance in their transactional activities and intellectual property needs.


Dr. Pace also takes advantage of more than 12 years of honed skills and knowledge in biotech research for companies of all sizes to help them achieve their business goals.


This scientific and legal experience has culminated in exceptional performances in his management positions at companies including Novartis Corporation, Gentris Corporation, Quill Medical, Inc., and BASF Corporation. This long history of leading businesses to success has all come to Dr. Pace’s advantage during his time as Cell Microsystems’ CEO. As a result, the company has been able to continue producing world-renowned life sciences products such as their CellRaft AIR System and their Cytosort Arrays.


Community Supported, Technology Driven


Cell Microsystems priorities the goal of remaining on the forefront of life sciences technology in everything that it does, and currently sells its products to researchers and scientists across the world. They take pride in being able to help so many people across the globe make new discoveries for the betterment of all mankind, resulting in more impactful contributions to the scientific community. 


Gary knows that Cell Microsystems has been able to achieve these goals due to the support from organizations like Carolina Kickstart, Kickstart Innovation Fellowship, NIH – Small Business Innovation Research grants, North Carolina Department of Commerce, North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and NC IDEA, and is proud to be a member of the Durham, North Carolina community.


With such a rich history of scientific, legal, and business success the future looks bright for Cell Microsystems with Dr. Gary Pace acting as its CEO. It seems to be nothing shy of a guarantee that there are only more good things in store for the company and its Chief Executive Officer.