Entrepreneur Spotlight : Parrish & Partners

When you are looking for transportation engineering solutions, you should get to know how these innovative systems were researched and conceived. Parrish & Partners offer services from a team that has been cultivated by Ed Parrish, the president of the company. Ed has a long history of successful engineering projects, with more than forty years of experience covering all areas of engineering. His efforts have included the planning, designing, and management of major transportation projects, notably airports, highways and bridges.

Ed was able to lead and complete these projects, on time and within budget. His initial training came courtesy of his education at North Carolina State University, and has continued through his affiliations with multiple prestigious organizations:

  • The National Society of Professional Engineers 
  • The Institute of Transportation Engineers 
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers 
  • The Airport Consultants Council 

Ed’s experience and knowledge of transportation engineering has also led him to holding prestigious positions as Board Chair and Member of the Board of Governors. To ensure he is able to meet the requirements of any domestic project, Ed also holds professional engineering licenses in forty-seven states.

What Makes Ed’s Business So Successful

Ed believes that in order to be a successful business in North and South Carolina, you need to focus on the needs of the people, providing them with exceptional service from the engineering firm they choose. Ed’s passion, commitment and empathy for his clients’ and their needs ensure that he consistently does everything in his power to set them up for success in whatever type of project they are planning. 

Ed Parrish has earned his reputation for honesty and integrity, along with his renowned dedication to providing the highest quality engineering services. Ed always strives to provide his community with the engineering solutions they need to make their world a better place. He is proud to watch his community grow into one of the best places to live in the country. At Parrish & Partners, Ed makes sure that every project is not complete until the client is satisfied with the outcome. 

How Can Parrish & Partners Help You?

Most major transportation engineering projects can be pretty daunting. When it comes to developing projects involving roadways, drainage, right of way, signal systems, bridges, or intersections, it is not enough to just conceive a plan for the project. You also need to account for the incidental details – the needs of the community surrounding the project, like passing drivers and pedestrians. Ed’s exemplary work ethic and meticulous attention to detail is what has helped him build the reputation for success that Parrish & Partners has achieved.

If you are interested in an engineering firm you can trust to help you with the challenges surrounding transportation projects involving planning, environmental concerns, design, CE&I, and program management, contact Parrish & Partners today. Reach out to the firm and learn more about how they can help you accomplish the requirements of your next engineering project.