Entrepreneur Spotlight: Deborah Matthews and Mischa Decker

About InsideOut Body Therapies

The team at InsideOut Body Therapies is committed to helping the Durham region of North Carolina find a new source of healing through movement. The team at InsideOut Body Therapies deeply believes in the methodologies that they promote, and regularly participate in their own procedures and techniques to help provide the highest quality service to their customers. When it comes to helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals and forge a new connection with their bodies, every one of their team members is as committed to your goals as we are.

A team is only as strong as those who lead it, and the owners of InsideOut Body Therapies are no exception. Both Mischa Decker and Deborah Matthews have been inspiring leaders for InsideOut Body Therapies. We encourage you to learn more about the owners of InsideOut Body Therapies and their experience here:

Their Leaders And Their Values

Deborah Matthews

Deborah Matthews is a Third Generation Pilates teacher, completing her initial Pilates training in 1999. She went on to complete the master’s program at The Pilates Center of Boulder In 2008, Deborah continued to seek out more training and education in all manners of bodily wellness. Her experience and extensive education in Pilates and physical therapy have enabled her to develop custom-tailored strategies to suit the needs of people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages at any experience level.  She is also proud to be able to help clients find themselves while benefiting their needs in goals involving fitness, rehabilitation, pain management & more through the applications of Pilates and physical therapy.

Mischa Decker

Mischa Decker joined InsideOut Body Therapies in 2006 and became an owner of the business in 2008. She holds a doctorate in physical therapy from the Duke University School of Medicine as well as a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Sciences from the University of Florida.  Mischa also holds a certificate as a nationally certified Pilates instructor.  She traces her education all the way back to Joseph Pilates himself and is eager to spread her knowledge of it to others throughout her community.  As a lifelong movement enthusiast, one of her core beliefs is that whole-body movement is necessary to achieve both physical fitness and rehabilitation.

Their Message To The Community

From their trainers to their founders and owners, InsideOut Body Therapies believe that anyone can do Pilates with the guidance of a skilled and compassionate instructor. Pilates offers everyone the opportunity to feel better and live a fulfilling life while also pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about InsideOut Body Therapies and what Deborah and Mischa have built, contact them here or schedule your first appointment online here. The sooner you reach out to schedule your spot in one of their classes, workshops, or even a sauna stay, the sooner you can start on the road to physical well-being and improved  health, so call today.