Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jennifer and Brett Cramer of The Spice Lab

About The Owners of The Spice Lab

Jennifer and Brett Cramer

Every great cook knows that the secret to creating a truly delicious dish is the quality of the ingredients, spices, and seasonings used. The Spice Lab is known worldwide for its extensive line of salts, spices, peppers, dry rubs, seasonings and more. They oversee six production lines that produce more than 100,000 products on a daily basis, and have continued to succeed through the pandemic and all of its challenges.

Brett has been working as an entrepreneur for nearly his entire life, while Jennifer has developed skills for having a sharp eye and meticulous attention to detail in her work for an interior designer for nearly a decade.

The Origin Story of The Spice Lab

So how did the Cramers come up with the idea that started the Spice Lab? Brett became a huge aficionado of premium sea salts, noticing how much healthier and more flavorful these options were compared to typical table salts. One day, he created some custom salt collections to give out as gifts, and they were such a hit, he decided to start listing similar products on Amazon.com.These packages sold very well, and eventually he had to dedicate more time and effort into the business. Jennifer came up with the idea to start a company and go full-time into the gourmet salt, spices and seasonings business. From this humble beginning, the Spice Lab was born, and has continued to grow exponentially.

Today, the Spice Lab’s products are processed and packaged in a 125,000-square-foot building in Pompano Beach, Florida. This facility includes a Research and Development Kitchen, offices, design department, and a showroom. The company’s extensive line of sea salts, spices, seasonings and rubs are sold by gourmet shops, major retailers and online through Amazon.com as well  as www.spices.com.