Meet ONYX Coffee Labs Co-Founder & Head Roaster Jon Allen

Who Is Coffee Entrepreneur Jon Allen?

Jon Allen is the co-founder of ONYX Coffee Lab, a coffee company he started and has been running with his wife Andrea for the past 12 years. Jon is the innovative palate in charge of java perfection, creativity and quality control. In other words, he makes sure that every product they sell meets their incredibly high standards. Andrea is a  world-famous barista who also serves as the head of operations and currently runs four ONYX coffee shops in the state of Arkansas.

What Is the Mission of ONYX Coffee Lab?

Saying that ONYX Coffee Labs simply makes coffee would be a drastic oversimplification. Yes, ONYX develops and delivers premium coffee products via both its website and retail shops. However, their commitment to sourcing the best ingredients sets them apart from the competition. Jon and his team’s goal is much larger than just selling coffee for profit. For them, the objective is to produce the freshest, most environmentally-friendly or sustainably harvested, and highest quality coffee possible.

To achieve this lofty objective, his team travels across the globe to find the finest ingredients possible. Once harvested, they are shipped back to headquarters, where samples undergo a rigorous testing process. This process  results in comprehensive data regarding the coffee’s taste, ingredients, pricing, and more. So when you drink a cup of ONYX coffee, you can rest assured that it has passed several quality tests that guarantee our brews are made using only fresh, high quality ingredients.

ONYX Emphasizes Loyalty to the Customer

While most consumer activity has shifted to online, enjoying an aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee is still best done on location. As anyone who has visited a coffee shop will tell you, there is nothing like enjoying a hot cup of joe while taking in all the sites and sounds that accompany your local cafe. This is why ONYX continues to operate and manage several coffee shops. All ONYX employees receive a masterclass in coffee education, including the fundamentals of farming, cupping, and preparation.

As their website states, the goal of these physical ONYX Coffee Lab locations is to give their customers the opportunity to enjoy the coffee, pastries, and other menu items their teams work so hard to develop. Nothing makes them happier than when customers come not only to enjoy coffee but to relax, read a book, open a laptop, or catch up with a friend. They are passionate about the people they serve and the experiences their customers enjoy.

A Coffee Roaster With a Commitment to the Environment

Environmental safety has become a hot-button topic in today’s society. With everything we know about the challenges facing our planet, it is no surprise that consumers want to understand how their favorite brands can help. ONYX has answered this call by using sustainable materials that are compostable and plant-based in their mailer bags. They have made the  commitment to using renewable, reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials to create all shipping boxes. 

The most impressive step ONYX has taken in its dedication to preserving the environment is the recently updated Roastery, which is now carbon neutral. The act of roasting and producing mass quantities requires a ton of energy. ONYX has converted the entire operation of its Roastery to solar power, using solar panels located on the rooftop of the facility. This move has resulted in a significant decrease in their carbon footprint.

What’s Next for ONYX?

The future is looking bright for Jon, Andrea, and the entire ONYX team. In addition to coffee, their official brand website sells apparel, equipment, drinkware, accessories, and more. Visit the ONYX Coffee Labs website for more information about this comapny’s products and services.