Entrepreneur Spotlight on Sonny Clark of Acumen Technology

The Award-Winning CEO’s Roadmap To Successful Expansion

Sonny Clark, CEO of Acumen Technology, is an award-winning entrepreneur leading innovative IT strategies for businesses in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2016, Acumen Technology forecasts exponential growth by adopting a hands-on approach for hiring new talent.

Acumen Technology’s Advanced IT Strategies

Acumen Technology was born in October of 2016, aiming to provide comprehensive IT support to businesses who require advanced security solutions. The management team is composed of former founding members of Advanced Network Solutions (ANS) which began providing IT solutions to businesses in 1997. Acumen Technology’s core personnel has accrued over 20 years experience working with financial institutions and FFIEC Guidelines amongst its leaders.

They’re now widely recognized as one of the top IT security and planning firms serving healthcare, financial, and professional services industries worldwide. Acumen Technology specializes in technology, compliance, and cybersecurity. Businesses in search of virtualizations, disaster recovery, cloud services, vendor management, continuity planning, and other IT strategies consult with Acumen Technology to ensure their data is secure. They offer comprehensive practice and system design with 12 – 18 month plans that are customized to each client.

Sonny Clark’s Approach To Successful Growth

Just two years after the startup formed, Acumen Technology completed its SOC 2 audit with flying colors in 2018. This type of audit, falling under the American Institute of CPAs’ umbrella, ensures companies working with secure data adhere to best practices and reporting procedures.

That same year, CEO Sonny Clark won the 2018 NEXT Award for Technology Startups in Nashville, hosted by The EC (a former venture of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce).

During his acceptance speech, Sonny Clark noted the importance of being a hands-on leader who is always involved in the hiring process. The IT industry in Nashville, Tennessee is especially competitive. Clark credits Acumen Technology’s success amongst competitors to his active participation in interviews that enabled him to connect and work with leading professionals. Acumen Technology has also earned recognition as one of the Best Places To Work by the Nashville Business Journal. As of 2020, they boast a 100% employee retention rate.

Acumen Technology Encourages Industry Education

The IT firm’s management team consistently provides valuable resources to encourage ongoing education. Their website hosts a near hour-long webinar featuring expert advice on keeping businesses safe and secure during times of vulnerability (e.g. COVID-19) and helpful infographics about operating remotely. Sonny Clark also regularly uploads educational videos to their social media profiles.

To learn from Acumen Technology, visit their Facebook page to watch informative videos and engage with Sonny Clark online. Their full list of services can be found on their website and Sonny Clark’s 2018 NEXT acceptance speech is hosted on The EC’s awards page.