Entrepreneur Company Spotlight: Young Plantation

Young Plantation’s Century of Success

Nearly one hundred years ago, Young Plantation began its South Carolina legacy as the Young Pecan Company. It has since been the world’s largest pecan shelling distributor and offers countless quality southern favorites to sample at its flagship store in Florence, SC. The company has been passed down from generation to generation and is now successfully operated by Southeast Entrepreneurs, Charlie Morris and Chris Brady.

Innovation Began With A Pecan

TB Young, the founder of the Young Pecan Company, began growing in-shell pecans in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina in the 1920’s. He took advantage of the area’s climate and soil, perfect for growing pecans with unparalleled quality and size, and began distributing.

Just a couple decades later in the 1940’s, TB’s son, James Givens Young, rebranded the company and started distributing shelled pecans from the same Pee Dee region. Young Pecan Company exploded as the leading distributor of high-quality, shelled pecans to grocery stores, offering bulk and consumer-ready options.

In 1969, Young Pecan Company was reborn as Young Plantation and developed its own line of premium pecan gifts, pecan candies, and more. Consumers were able to purchase Young Plantation’s southern-sweet pecan products directly from its retail stores or order shipments for delivery.

James continued to grow the company through acquisitions alongside his son-in-law beginning in the 1980’s, who later became President in 1992. Young Plantation achieved further notoriety because of its innovative methodologies and use of technology, making it the largest pecan sheller in the entire industry.

Young Plantation was the first to de-shell pecans by ingeniously incorporating lasers into its operations. They were the original trailblazer to utilize cold storage methods to preserve pecan crop integrity, and the first to implement the Quantz rotary pecan cracker. Up until about fifteen years ago, Young Plantation was the only pecan distributor to use microwaves to control product bacteria.

It’s clear that Young Plantation was an industry leader since its very beginning. By developing and implementing new methods and embracing novel technologies, Young Plantation has made its mark and paved the way for other pecan distributors.

Continuing The Carolina Tradition

Young Plantation sells its quality products directly to consumers and offers wholesale solutions, making it a multi-million dollar operation. Customers have the option to visit their flagship attraction in Florence, SC on Highway 52 (at the intersection of I-95 and Exit 164), order conveniently online, or purchase products from their signature print catalogs. Young Plantation ships customizable corporate gifts and personalized orders each and every day across the entire United States and to over 50 countries around the world.

Their storefront is open seven days a week and offers 16 different pecan flavors, fresh pies, and other pecan desserts. Young Plantation visitors can also enjoy freshly baked cinnamon rolls, muffins, and an incredible variety of gourmet, southern-inspired snacks and treats. Its brand has gained international recognition and the Florence storefront has become an all-time favorite tourist destination in the Carolinas.

Impressive Expansion With Mingo River Wholesale & Calhoun Pecan Company

While Young Plantation continues to produce and sell its in-demand pecan products through its own retail storefronts, it also has two sister divisions that generate revenue and cater to specific markets.

Mingo River serves as Young Plantation’s wholesale line, delivering products in bulk to businesses and specialty retailers. Businesses can purchase signature Young Plantation pecans and gourmet gifts in boxes, bags, and tins. Mingo River has positioned itself as a quality wholesaler that brings value to the businesses who decide to carry Young Plantation products as a way to increase sales and revenue.

Young Plantation also specializes in fundraising products through Calhoun Pecan Company. The fundraising distributor offers Young Plantation pecan products and gifts in a ready-to-use fundraising format. Customers are able to conveniently pick and choose their products, packaging, and quantities by using Calhoun’s fundraising catalog.

With multiple, strong streams of revenue, Young Plantation ceaselessly evolves to maintain its status as a leading multi-faceted business based in the Carolinas. Entrepreneurs Charlie Morris and Chris Brady continue the company’s growth and reinforce its exceptional reputation as the best pecan distributor in the industry.

You can visit Young Plantation online, connect with them via Facebook or Instagram, or find them through their sister divisions (Mingo River and Calhoun Pecan Company).