Neal and Angie Leeper of Marathon Property Solutions

Neal and Angie Leeper bring prospective tenants and landlords together, creating residential and commercial relationships all over Greensboro, North Carolina and the Triad Area. Founded in October of 2009, Marathon Property Solutions has grown into an unmistakably successful business venture at the hands of this entrepreneurial married couple.

Smart, Affordable Solutions During A Real Estate Crisis

In the early 2000’s, the economy crashed and the housing bubble burst in the United States resulting in job losses, defaulted loans, and more devastation across the country. Many homeowners were upside down on their mortgages and facing foreclosure. Property values decreased dramatically and there was a need to connect local property owners with tenants, which is when Neal and Angie stepped in.

Together the duo launched Marathon Property Solutions with about $500, a single property, and a small home office in their basement in order to provide affordable housing services to tenants and property owners. They grew a successful Greensboro property management business from humble beginnings and now manage over a thousand properties.

They’re more than just a property management company, though. Neal and Angie have built another highly successful business focused on providing quality, affordable services to nearly any customer with any property-related need. Offering leasing, consulting, and even property project management, Marathon Property Solutions fills every gap between studio apartments and executive offices.

Marathon Property Solutions Works With Buyers, Sellers, And Investors

Rental Property

While purchasing a home is a valuable investment, Neal and Angie understand the challenges that many homebuyers face as property values rise each year on average. By taking a closer look at the dynamics between renter and rentee, Marathon Property Solutions was able to build a foundation that facilitates successful sales and helps tenants purchase the very homes they’ve been leasing.

Investors looking to purchase and then rent Greensboro real estate frequently turn to Neal and Angie. With a team of expert real estate brokers and access to countless properties that haven’t hit the market yet, Marathon Property Solutions consistently gives investors competitive information. Because the Marathon couple are the local Greensboro and Triad Area experts, they have a leg up on other real estate agents. The Leepers have built a sustainable network of contacts and connections in the industry and continue to use it to their customer’s advantage.

Neal And Angie Value Benefitting Owners, Tenants, And The Community

Specializing in both residential and commercial properties, Neal Leeper and Angie Leeper understand real estate from the tenant and owner perspectives. Marathon Property Solutions offers project management services in order to continuously help owners improve their properties and benefit tenants.

Overseeing countless renovation and repair projects, the Leepers know a thing or two about managing several large teams at once. These types of projects usually have several moving parts from budgets, time constraints, design teams, contractors, and the clients themselves. Marathon Property Solutions juggles each of these flawlessly, bringing value to the owner and future tenants.

Neal and Angie Leeper co-own another business in the Greensboro area, Marathon Moving Company, which facilitates residential and commercial relocation to new homes, offices, and more. Together they’ve built two North Carolina businesses that have helped countless individuals find a place to call home, and businesses choose a place to grow.
To learn more about Marathon Property Solutions, find a Triad Area rental, or start investing in real estate, visit Neal and Angie online. You can also find them on Facebook to connect through social media. For more information about their sister company, Marathon Moving Company, read the Southeast Entrepreneur spotlight here.

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