Baker Roofing – Top 10 Roofing Companies in the United States

What began as W.P. Baker Co. in 1915 Raleigh, North Carolina, has since grown into one of the largest and well-known roofing contractors in the United States and specifically the Southeast. Driven by the Baker family, Baker Roofing now has over 20 locations in the Southeast with international and nationwide business endeavors. Their unparalleled success all began with one man, William Prentiss Baker, who moved to Raleigh in 1901 with an entrepreneurial spirit which he passed on to each proceeding generation.

The Southeast has known Baker Roofing for quite some time, and for good reason. As one of the largest employers in Raleigh, Baker Roofing has its own classroom training program offering comprehensive education to its employees. Baker Roofing invests in its employees and offers opportunities for advancement and managerial roles. The prestigious roofing company has clearly established roots in North Carolina and continues to give back to the community.

Over A Century in Raleigh, North Carolina

“We shall do good work. At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good work.”

Originating from when Baker Roofing first opened for business in 1915, a sign still hangs in its headquarters with the inspirational quote above. It serves as a reminder for what the Baker family, and Baker Roofing, stands for – which is relentlessly good work. Always putting customers and quality first, Baker Roofing continues to demonstrate the value of building a solid reputation on the foundation of honest work, even after a century.

What started as the W.P. Baker Co. in 1915 soon became the Baker & Rawls Tin Shop in 1920 when a partnership formed between William Prentiss Baker and Horace Rawls. They grew together to have over 20 employees, and the company began exploding over the next century which now employs over 1,000 people. Baker Roofing now offers a comprehensive menu of services including both commercial and residential roofing, and exterior remodeling. From new construction and maintenance, to repairs and servicing, Baker Roofing continuously proves itself as a Raleigh staple holding true to its original promise still hanging in its lobby.

The Family Behind Baker Roofing

Multiple generations of entrepreneurial Bakers have taken care of and grown the Baker Roofing business. Beginning with William Prentiss Baker in the early 1900’s, his son Bill Baker, Jr. later became President and was with the company for over 50 years. Bill Baker retired from Baker Roofing in the early 1990’s who passed on the family empire to his sons, Prentiss and Frank.

Prentiss Baker serves as Chairman and is responsible for the exponential growth the company has seen in the last few decades. With over 60 years of service, Prentiss Baker remains one of the most dedicated entrepreneurs in the Southeast. His brother and fellow entrepreneur Frank Baker serves as Vice Chairman, helping the company grow over the last nearly five decades. Frank has worked on the high-profile Kansas Statehouse Copper Dome Replacement as well as several other respected projects across the United States.
With countless esteemed reviews and an impressive portfolio, Baker Roofing continues to demonstrate the power of hard work, the value of entrepreneurship, and the quality of a family-run business in the Southeast and nationwide. Visit Baker Roofing’s website to learn more about the comprehensive services they offer.