Entrepreneur Spotlight – Lisa Taglauer, Co-Founder of Magnolia Physical Therapy

Who is Lisa Taglauer?

For as long as she can remember, Lisa has had a passion for Physical Therapy. Especially providing the type of personalized care that people need to  have the quality of life they deserve. Her journey started in 2000 when she graduated from Delgado Community College with a physical therapy assistant license. Her passion for therapeutic healthcare and rehabilitation showed throughout her studies as she earned the college’s Most Outstanding Student award and served as President of the Student Physical Therapy Association.

In 2005, Lisa and her current co-owner Beth Winkler began to envision what it would be like to open a physical therapy practice of their own. They knew if this dream became a reality, they would want to do things their own way. This included providing every patient with at least 30 minutes of personal manual therapy. They envisioned a clinic that was stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly trained, professional staff. Finally, their dream became a reality when they opened their doors in August of 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Hurricane Katrina And A Push To Move Forward

Unfortunately for Lisa and her team, the opening of the Magnolia  Physical Therapy offices was not the only significant event to occur that month. Two weeks after their grand opening, Lisa and Beth were quickly forced to close their doors due to Hurricane Katrina. While some owners may have been discouraged enough to call it quits, Lisa and Beth quickly forged ahead and reopened their doors as soon as possible. As a result, what had been a struggling one-room practice flourished into a thriving clinic with four separate locations across the region.

What Makes Magnolia Physical Therapy Special?

At the core of Magnolia’s success is its innovative hands-on approach. The rehabilitative health care they offer centers around two key components. First, they are committed to hiring experienced therapists who bring years of experience to the team. This ensures all patients receive top-notch care, guidance and recommendations. Second, these highly trained therapists focus on providing personalized care based on the specific needs and issues of each patient. 

The personalized services offered to each patient sets Magnolia apart from its competitors in the region. Unlike other physical therapy practices that provide “one size fits all” programs, Magnolia’s therapists work hard to develop a custom plan that is tailored to the needs of  each patient. They can do this because they take the time to understand the origin of the physical issues and what other  contributing factors may need to be addressed. They work alongside the patient to create a plan that provides long-term relief and improved quality of life.

What’s Next For Lisa Taglauer and Magnolia?

As the team celebrates the successful opening of its fourth location, they keep looking forward to the future. Each location offers services that are beneficial to the overall health and wellness of their communities, including full-body pain relief, post-concussion recovery, neurological disorders, and much more. While their company continues to grow, their mission remains the same: to provide high-quality therapy through a hands-on approach with customized programs and solutions.

If you are located in the New Orleans area and would like to schedule an appointment, please click here. To learn more about Magnolia Physical Therapy, including the services they offer and their professional staff, please visit their official website.