Red Rooster Coffee

Coffee With a Conscious

Red Rooster Coffee is a coffee company that has a conscious. Their motto is simple “Taking Good Care of Our Coffee, Our People, Our Farmers, Our Planet”. Founded in Floyd, VA, in 2010 by high school sweethearts Haden Polseno-Hensley and Rose McCutchan, Red Rooster Coffee has proven time and time again over the last decade that a company with a conscious can do well, even if their headquarters are in a small town with a population of less than 500.

Red Rooster employs 30 people in their coffee roasting operation today, and it is no accident that Red Rooster Coffee has become a favorite up and down the East Coast. They have received countless awards and accolades for their fine-tasting coffee, and more importantly, they have run a business that is conscious of their sourcing, how they treat their employees, and how they treat the planet.

Red Rooster Coffee is proof that being conscious of your business's position in the world and how it affects the world can be a great way to do business! Most people do not really think about the effect locally family-owned coffee roasters can have on the world. Red Rooster Coffee has helped to show what a difference can be made simply by putting a little extra thought into how they do business.

A Cup of Joe With a Clear Conscious

Red Rooster Coffee considers every step involved in the processing of coffee and the people that it affects along the way. It is a long journey for a coffee bean to make it from the tree to your cup, and at Red Rooster Coffee, you can trace your cup directly back to a farm.

These sustainable coffee roasters have a simple recipe for success that is built on four important cornerstones:

  • The coffee. A commitment to producing high-quality products that exceed customer expectations by ensuring every biodegradable coffee bag is filled with freshly roasted beans that produce an amazing cup of the best coffee.
  • The employees. Treating their employees well by providing a living wage, and a corporate culture that ensures workplace satisfaction.
  • The farmers. Paying their farmer's high premiums and giving back in the form of social program support.
  • The planet. Taking care of the planet by using earth-friendly products and biodegradable products whenever they can.

A Great Cup of Coffee That Makes a Positive Impact

The recipe for coffee roasting at Red Rooster coffee is actually quite simple. To get a great-tasting bean, and to promote high quality, you have to take care of the humans involved in the processing.

Fair Trade Coffee, which is Certified Organic, is used in all the premium blends at Red Rooster Coffee and many of its single-origin blends. Making the best coffee starts with the best coffee beans. Coffee production from tree to cup is no easy task. At Red Rooster Coffee, there is great respect for the farmers and estates that focus on coffee growing using sustainable methods.

Paying a premium price to farmers ensures they are compensated for all their hard work. In many cases, coffee beans are sourced through a direct trade method to help producers earn a higher premium. When you treat the farmers right, they, in turn, treat their workers better. It is a powerful effect that Red Rooster has tapped into.

Treating people well is simply a part of the business plan at Red Rooster. Whether it is an employee or an original source, how well you treat people is at the forefront of how they do business and an important part of their recipe for success.

Employees at Red Rooster Coffee are provided with health insurance, child daycare facilities, and paid a living wage because happy workers not only support the enterprise but they spread happiness throughout the community.

Transparency In Coffee Roasting

Sustainable Coffee Roasters Floyd Virginia

Do you know where your coffee comes from? Does it come from Peru? Guatemala? Sumatra? Is it Kenyan? If you are drinking Red Rooster, you know where your coffees were sourced from. You can have the option of knowing exactly which country it comes from every time you brew coffee.

A lot of coffee drinkers order coffee from Red Rooster coffee because they simply enjoy fresh coffee that tastes great, however, conscious coffee drinkers flock to Red Rooster Coffee because they also enjoy the freshness and knowing where their coffee is coming from.

Red Rooster Coffee believes in transparency in its entire production. They are open about their roasting process and take a great deal of pride in educating coffee lovers about origin coffee and how they can help coffee plantations around the world to adopt sustainable coffee processes.

If you ask, they are happy to explain what Fairtrade means, what it takes to grade a coffee bean as organic or their favorite brewing methods. They are not only coffee makers, but they are also a good source of information for the coffee lover with discerning taste and a conscious. Red Rooster Coffee believes that coffee companies not only should provide excellence in roasting coffee but they owe it to the planet to do things the right way, and spread information to help consumers make an informed decision about their choices.

They are changing the world one coffee cup at a time and it is having a huge positive impact on thousands of people around the globe. If you are a coffee drinker, the next time you buy coffee you can do it with a clear conscious, and of course enjoy an amazing cup of coffee courtesy of Red Rooster Coffee. They even offer a great coffee subscription option that gets your favorite varieties of fresh roasted coffee right to your front door.

Red Rooster Coffee